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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.


Our Vision

Our vision is to connect, collaborate & create an instant marketplace between the Restaurants & Diners. We want to be the one stop shop for restaurant search, take deal making between the restaurants & diners to the next step and away from couponing & restaurant certificates.

Our vision is strengthened by our extraordinary ability to keep the restaurants & diners continuously engaged and translate diners search results into foot into the door for restaurants.


Our Mission

The mission is to take restaurant search and deal making to the next step so that both restaurants & customers rightly deserve!Our mission is to take restaurant deal search to the next level that benefits Restaurants & Diners by increasing the revenue of restaurants & increasing the savings for customer + an exciting way to make your dining decision. Restaurant Coupons and gift certificates are becoming history and experiencing a slow death due to its irrelevance in addressing the real time need of restaurants & diners. We believe and are convinced that every diner is critical to a restaurant's business and the best way to reach a person’s heart is through their stomach & wallet :-). Our mission is to create a marketplace & engage the restaurants and diners instantly.

It is about time we take this relationship to the next step!

We recognize that restaurants must have the proactive insight to provide offers based on the customers’ time visit, # of diners, their competitors and whether they are a previous customer. Our platform does exactly this, we provide restaurants the required insight on who is looking to eat, when & how many – based on this direct feedback from customers restaurants provide personalized discount and eventually woooooooo them with service, flavor & discount.


Our Philosophy

A deal for every meal! Our philosophy is to :

  • Provide insight to restaurants on potential diners so that they can provide them with the best deal instantly
  • Enable diners to get the best deal by having restaurants bid for the customers business to stay true to the adage ‘Customer is the king!’


Meet Our Team

Kishore Kotapati (KK)


Dana Magnus

creative Marketing

Joe Delbridge


Soumini Pattathil

Business Development

Justin Romano


Dominique Pancake


Jo Kumery


Technical Team



Meet our Advisors

Bill Burnett 

Author, Associate Professor (UWP), Sales Guru

Ray Markman

President and Founder at Financial Life Planning Company

Nik Rokop

Professor of Entrepreneurship at Illinois Institute of Technology